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The Canticle Kingdom Series:

Prequel: The Canticle Prelude (Purchase)
Book 1: The Canticle Kingdom. (Purchase)
Book 2: The Frozen Globe (Purchase)
Book 3: The Floating Isle (Coming soon)

The Last Archangel Series

Prequel: Age of Archangels (Coming Soon)
Book 1:  The Last Archangel (Purchase)
Book 2:  The Last Kingdom (Coming Soon)

The Advent Anthology Series

Volume I: Sing We Now of Christmas (Purchase)
Volume II: Carol of the Tales (Purchase)
Volume III: Angels from Their Realms of Story (Coming Soon)

For more information, please visit:

Other Books to Which I've Contributed

Checkin' It Twice (Purchase)
Parables for Today  (Purchase)
Portrait of a Mother (Purchase)
Dark Stars (Purchase)
Failure, the Key to Success (Coming Soon)

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