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Ta da!  Here's the cover of The Last Archangel!  (It is already available for pre-order) All I can say is wow.  Let me explain a few things.

1. The main character, Xandir, has two swords, a dark one and a light one that are shown here crossed in an X like the main character's name.
2. The very bottom of the cover shows ruins, which goes with his gig as a destroying angel.  He creates them.
3. The angel is looking down and is darkened because he is fallen, and there are many time motifs because he has been forced into service "Until the End of Time."

A standing ovation for CFI!

Anyway, I had a wonderful signing at BYU Women's Conference.  Here are three very interesting things I learned:

1. You never know who will be interested in your book. You have to be careful about not judging people.  I was promoting both my Mother's Day pamphlet and my fantasy novel.  An elderly lady in a walker came up, and I thought she would be much more interested in my Mother's Day pamphlet.  She waved it off and bought the fantasy novel.

2. You should never underestimate the value of your work. One man said that he wanted to read through my pamphlet before buying it and I suggested that he just take one with me and browse it.  He said "No, I want to be able to sit down and give it the attention it deserves. You don't ask a concert pianist just to play you a little something."

3. No matter what you right, there are 'perfect fans' out there. I had a woman come up to my table with a book that she had already bought.  I later found out from her that she was born in Germany and loves music boxes.  That's pretty much a perfect fit for my book. So, I say, no matter how off the wall your topic is, there's someone out there for whom it is perfect.

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  1. Beautiful book cover! Best of luck!

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