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First thing’s first: a big thank you to all those who participated in the Awesome August Blog Hop. There were many entries, but the lucky winner is: Donna Smith! She will receive a signed copy of “The Canticle Kingdom”.

I’d also like to announce the winner of the Angel Trivia Contest. Congratulations to Alyssa Ranee Clark! She will get to help me name a character in the second installment of “The Last Archangel”, which I am currently writing.

I’ve got other great links to share. The first is an interview on B.K. Bostick’s blog. Go read it here:

 The second is a feature on Lorhainne Eckhart’s blog where I talk about archangels. You can go read it here: (The blog says that it might have adult content when you click on it.  I  can't speak for the rest of the blog, but my post is squeaky clean.) 

7 Responses so far.

  1. Beautiful books. Sorry I missed the Blog Hop. Maybe next year.

    Just wanted to say hi as a fellow Campaigner.

  2. Your covers are stunning! Now I'm itching to go get your books. =)

    Another Campaigner here. So uh, the sheet music in the background...does that mean you're a composer too?

  3. Pk Hrezo says:

    Hi Michael! Nice to meet you along the campaign trail. Your book sounds very cool! And the cover is excellent! :)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Hello, fellow campaigner.

    Looks like some awesome books, there.

  5. Oh crumb! I was so busy in August and I missed your contest! I'm so excited to read your book! I also can't wait to read your interview and your post about archangels.

    And hey! - we're fellow campaigners in the MG/YA group!

  6. MDYBYU says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. I might be doing another hop in about six weeks, so be sure to come back. I am a music composer as well, but I find myself spending more time writing books these days.

  7. Hey again! We're also in the same Campaigners Fantasy group! :D

    And that'd be fantastic if you did another hop! I can't wait to come back!

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