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Canticle Music Box Large Mug
I feel like I have arrived as an author. A company has put up a non-literary piece of merchandise based on my books. (See the picture above, which is put on a mug) Next stop, action figures!

Thanks to all of you who stopped by during the LDS Authors Blog hop. I’m happy to announce that the winner is: Tobi H. If that’s you, please shoot me an email at to claim your prize.

Sad News
Let’s get this out of the way first—my hard drive could not be recovered. Everything I had on there is gone forever. If you are reading this, go back up something precious to you now. This blog post will still be there when you get back.
I firmly believe things happen for a reason. Perhaps I was simply meant to rewrite the stuff I lost. The phoenix that rises might be better than what I had before. I’m going to go with that train of thought.

Canticle Kingdom eBook
In case you didn’t hear the great news before, “The Canticle Kingdom” is now available as an eBook!  You can get the Kindle edition here: and on the Nook:  Many of the Canticle Kingdom prequel stories are going eventually to be in eBook form as well, and the two sequels I am writing will be in eBook form as well, so this makes me very happy.  
Canticle of Dawn
My next Canticle Kingdom serial is wrapping up soon. Go listen or read for free at
They even have swag now! Check it out:

All the stories are in for the Christmas Anthology, and one of the major steps that now needs to be made is to name it.
To this end, I’m announcing a contest. Send me in your best name suggestions and we’ll take a vote. If you suggest the winning name, you’ll get credit in the anthology, a free copy of the anthology when it comes out and your choice of one of my books or a free three-chapter edit from me if you’d rather.
Keep in mind the nature of the anthology, which is that it is comprised of short stories based on Christmas songs.  Please keep all suggestions family friendly, and be creative as you can be. Send all submissions to:

‘Til I see you again, live bravely and write well! 

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