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I am currently enrolled in the Masters of Instructional Design at Western Governor’s University, and as part of that program, I am asked to design an instructional unit.  Given my predisposition to writing, I decided to make that the focus of my instruction.

I am looking for authors to take either a 12-question multiple choice survey and/or a short, free-response written interview. All those who participate (1 entry per survey) will be entered into a drawing for the following prizes:

$10 Amazon gift card (1 winner)

A free author service from the following list: (3 winners)

Free query letter critique by me.
Free first three chapters critique by me.
Highlight post on for one of your books

In addition, your responses will help me further my education and the results will help me develop future instructional materials to assist writers.

Please follow the following link if you are interested in the multiple choice survey:

Please follow the following link if you are interested in the free response survey:

If you are an English/Writing teacher of any sort, feel free to take this survey as well:

Thank you for your cooperation and help.

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