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Punctuation is a spice. Used in moderation, it enhances food. Used in excess, it ruins food.  Periods, commas and question marks are pretty mild spices. You’ll need these pretty often, though they can be overused as well.
Exclamation points are just one of the potent spices that can easily make your literary work less palatable.
Sometimes, people think that using more (!) makes things come home with even more force. The overwrought multiple (!!!) that you see on Facebook has no place in a serious manuscript. Use only one at a time and use them sparingly. Use the content of the words and the action to emphasize without relying only on punctuation to drive your point home.
“I’m so excited to see you!!!” screamed Becky.
“I’m so excited to see you!” screamed Becky, jumping up and down.
It is also not a good idea to use (!) with (?) If it is a question, simply use the (?) and then let context do the rest.
“What are you talking about!?” asked Mr. Jones.
“What are you talking about?” asked Mr. Jones, narrowing his eyes and flaring his nostrils.
In both instances, you are showing the emotion in a more concrete, interesting way without going overboard with (!).

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