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What made you want to write? 
I have always enjoyed reading from a very early age; by the time I finished high school I believe I had read over a thousand novels.  I first got the idea to write my own story when playing a story game with a friend, the kind where you text back and forth, each adding the next bit of the story.  I never did write that story down, but when I had an idea for another story a few months later, I took it more serious and began writing.  My biggest dream is to help some young kid lose themselves in a great book like I have so many times.

What is your book about? What was the inspiration for this book? 
The Knights of the Caers, originally named Shongrzen, is a coming of age story set in a fantastical world.  The main character, Edric, is a young man who has always dreamed of the glory of knighthood.  However, a terrible past haunts him and he has been running from it for years.  A chance of a lifetime comes along and Edric finally has the opportunity to overcome his past and become a knight, with the help of a few close friends he meets in the Knight's Academy.  The four friends have to face terrible challenges and vile villains in an epic adventure.

What are the biggest obstacles to writing and how do you overcome it? 
When writing my books, there are two big obstacles: writer's block, and coming up with names.  Writer's block is the easier one to overcome; all it takes is a little time and some thought to figure out the next step in the story.  Another trick is to skip that section and move onto another part of the story that I already know how to write.  Creating names for important characters is much harder; a name has to feel right.  It has to match the character's personality and role.  The only way to overcome this obstacle is to go through dozens of names until one sticks; on more than one occasion I have given a character a name, and then changed it halfway through the book when I get a better sense of the character.

What are your future writing plans? 
My future writing plans are varied and numerous.  My plans include the rest of the Uprisings series, books II and III for now.  Writing this series has also given me a handful of characters that I feel are deserving of their own series someday.  I also have a number of other books that are planned and partially written: I already have a first draft of book II done.  There is a crime novel pitting the FBI against of terrorist organization in the near future, a space adventure about a first-contact war, a mystery novel set in the same world as The Knights of the Caers, and another fantasy about a small kingdom threatened by trolls and powerful magic (with a children's book spin off about one of the character's adventures).  My hope is to one day be a successful enough author to continue publishing novels.  I want somebody to pick up one of my novels for no other reason than because it has my name on it.

What do you wish you would have known before you started writing? What would you tell someone who is just getting started? 
The only thing that I wish I had known before, and what I still don't know, is the ins and outs of the publishing world.  One thing I recommend to new authors is that if you don't enjoy writing the story, then no one will enjoy reading it.  Writing a good story is every bit as enthralling as reading one.

Where are the best places to find you online? 
Right now I just have a Facebook for this page, although I am looking into a website dedicated to all of my works.  The Facebook page is called The Knights of the Caers (  On that page, under info, is a link to a website where everyone can purchase the book (paperback, hardback, and ebook).
You can also find me on my author site:

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