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Stephanie Boyd was not yet on my radar until this CD arrived in my mail, but now she most definitely is. The album is full of fresh, uplifting songs, and excellent musicianship. I commented to my wife as we were listening together, that is sounded a bit like "Sara Bareilles meets EFY".

Stephanie has a smooth, beautiful voice that can do both cheerful, upbeat numbers, and soft, emotional numbers equally well. The orchestration backs her up beautifully, and the result sounds a lot like popular music you might hear on the radio with positive and uplifting messages.

Most of the tracks were original songs, with a single hymn cover of "Scatter Sunshine" to round it out. One of the tracks I most enjoyed was "The Storm Before the Calm", in which she switches out the adage of the "calm before the storm" to the more optimistic "the storm before the calm", when talking about the difficulties of life and the rest of the life to come.

After listening to this album, I think Stephanie will definitely be one to watch.

You can listen to tracks from the CD and purchase one here:

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