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The little book that I started my writing career with has grown into three. Though it has taken me a while to get to this point, I want to reintroduce you all to the series and invite you to get caught up in time for the conclusion, The Floating Isle, which will be released in 2015.

The Canticle Prelude:

Follow the magic of music in this enchanting trilogy, taking place first at the height of WWI in Germany, and then in the Canticle Kingdom within the music box of a great and evil musicanter. Heroes abound without and within the music box, but many are lost throughout this epic journey, some to dark magic. First following the brothers Jorgen and Karsten, The Canticle Prelude leads into Michael Young’s already published novel The Canticle Kingdom, weaving music into dark fantasy like never before.

Click here to purchase.

The Canticle Kingdom:

When a young blacksmith’s apprentice named Johann discovers that his homeland is contained entirely within a small music box, it’s up to him to protect the only home he’s ever known. With the help of an impossibly ancient knight, his best friend, Brigitta, and his trusty homemade sword, Johann races to find the only people who can who can stop the dark power that threatens to destroy the Canticle Kingdom—an unsuspecting family and an old woodcarver from the outside world.
Enter a world full of magic, danger, loyalty and bravery in this exciting debut from Michael Young, and discover that even the most ordinary objects—and people—might be hiding something truly wonderful inside.

Click here to purchase.

The Frozen Globe:

The Canticle Kingdom is once again in peril as an old evil resurfaces, stronger than ever before. Johann, Brigitta, and many others return in this exciting sequel from Michael Young, author of The Canticle Kingdom and prequel The Canticle Prelude. Discover once again a world full of magic, danger, loyalty, and bravery, as they take on this new threat to save their home, other magical kingdoms yet unknown to them, and even our own world in post-World War II era Germany, England, and across the very skies.

Click here to purchase.

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