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Collaboration Opportunity for Authors

At a recent writer’s conference, I attended a workshop by Heather Moore, who showed how she collaborated with other authors to create a novel length work by collaborating with other authors, each of whom wrote a novella length work related on a same theme or world. She did romance stories, and I wondered if the same thing might work for speculative fiction.

Here’s my idea:

The Averters are a group of scientist/agents who are tasked with preventing “extinction level events” that can “end the world”. These are much more common than the public knows because the efforts of the group have prevented numerous such disasters. Sure, some of them come in the “asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs” variety, but often danger comes from where you least expect it.

I want to create an anthology based on the Averters, where each volume is made up of three novella/novelette length manuscripts each based on the same team, but focusing on a different POV character and a different crisis to be averted.

For the first test volume, I want to write one novella, but then have two co-authors write the other two novellas. In this way, we can cross promote each other’s work. To decide whom to include, I’m holding an open submission for ideas.

  1. Pitch your team member/POV character. Come up with a character that would be on the Averters team. Tell me why this person would be both an interesting and useful addition to the team. This can be a regular person, a “Batman” kind of person who gains power through technology/training, or a “Superman” kind of person, who is born with innate superhuman abilities.

  1. Pitch your crisis that needs averting. Come up with a threat that could end the world and that would take some creative problem solving to avert it. Bonus points for creativity, but make sure if you idea is pretty off-the-wall that there’s some logical cause and a logical cure.

Send your pitches to

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