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Had a super busy day that meant I didn't get to writing unit about 11pm. I have our first person on the leaderboard. (Just post a comment on the latest post with your word total and be sure to keep me updated) Well done Misha. You're in the lead.

1. Misha 3389
2. Writermike: 3,264

Word Count: 

3264 / 50000

Writing tip of the Day: Especially during NaNoWriMo, don't break your forward momentum. You will have plenty of time to go back and rework what you have written, and you really should. Right now, you just need to let the sentences flow without worrying too much about typos and others problems. It is much better to get something down on paper and then go back to perfect it. It is hard to do sometimes, but resist the urge!

Saturday November 4th: Mark this date on your calendar. I'll be announcing the winner of the Spooktacular Blog Hop and I'll be participating in a NaNoWriMo 4-hour writing contest, with a $50 Amazon gift card on the line, as well as other great prizes. You can participate too.  Details are here:

2 Responses so far.

  1. 7225 for me! It's a fun little competition you've got going here. I'm already enjoying your tips and looking forward to tomorrow's. :)

  2. MDYBYU says:

    Thanks Robin. That's an impressive word count. Keep up the good work.

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