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Many great presents came early this year for me.  But first, I would look to announce one of my own:

Congratulations to Janelle, who is the winner of this month's Blog Hop.  She is the winner of a signed copy of "The Canticle Kingdom".Thanks for entering!

Now here are some writing presents I got this year.

1. A great review in the major Salt Lake City newspaper The Deseret News for "The Last Archangel".  You can read the entire review here:'The-Last-ArchAngel/'-full-of-warring-angels-and-demons.html

2. I've had a great response about my Christmas anthology.  I've decided that I'll take more than 12 stories, as I would like to include any that I feel are high enough quality. I'm still looking for a cover artist to donate his or her services, and for others who have a story to tell.  When submitting, please think of copyright guidelines if the song you want is not in the public domain.

3. I'm featured today with a short story on a blog that is based on my actual experiences two Christmas Eves ago. Please pop over there an enjoy:

4. My serial series called "Canticle of Night" has been picked up by Big World Network and will be appearing a serial story on the internet in both digital and audio form starting soon.  It is a prequel story for "The Canticle Kingdom" and gives background on the brothers who created the music box in the first place.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you all have a blessed and safe holiday season.

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