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I had an amazing time attending Life, the Universe and Everything this weekend. I got to be on some panels with other amazing authors, including one of my favorites, Brandon Sanderson.

For all those I met at the Conference and might be visiting here for the first time, I wanted to say "hi!" and introduce myself a bit.

As you might have gathered, I love many different types of writing, but mostly Fantasy and Sci-Fi. I also love to give back with my writing, which is why I create some projects that I sell for charitable causes.

Here's how my currently available fiction works:

My first series is The Canticle Kingdom. Right now, there is a prequel series of stories compiled in a volume called The Canticle Prelude. The sequel, The Frozen Globe is coming out in April. This is a series enjoyed best by young adults or adults and mixes fantasy, historical fiction, and music.

You can find the Canticle Kingdom here:

My second series is The Last Archangel Series. Now, there is just one book titled The Last Archangel, but the sequel, The Last Kingdom, will be coming out later this year. 

You can find The Last Archangel here:

I also do audio serials through, which connect to each of these series. The current audio series is called Age of Archangels and can be listened to here:

I also am in to charity work by creating short story anthologies to sell for various charitable causes such as Down Syndrome and Autism advocacy and research. You can find out much more about this here:

Or even submit a story for consideration by going here:

Well, that's me in a nutshell. I also write and perform music, so that often is a large part of my work. Feel free to join me at my other online homes:

Or drop me a line at

Nice to meet you!

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