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I have to say, I like suspense, but I'm not much of a romance reader.  This book has liberal dashes of both, and although I'm not much for the romance, I liked the premise and the suspense.  A woman in Logan finds her sister out cold and bleeding at the bottom of the stairs and suddenly finds out that she's a suspect while two men, the detective and a client of her's at the gym where she works, both vie for her attention.

 It was a  fun, fast suspense/romance. I liked that the author showed the characters using faith and family to solve their problems. I liked the characters, but I got a bit of reader whiplash as the main characters went from being enamored with each other to despising each other very quickly, back and forth. It may be that I  just don't understand romance.  Still, it was very creative and interesting to read.

2 Responses so far.

  1. Thanks for the review, Michael. I really appreciate you reading the book and sharing it with the readers. You're a brave man to read some romance. Sorry about the whiplash!

  2. MDYBYU says:

    No problem. I thought it would be nice to read one of your books before doing a signing with you in Logan. I definitely want to support other Cedar Fort authors!

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