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Day 15 of NaNoWriMo and only about 5,000 words from victory. I've got a busy day, but I'm going to try to spring to the end to be done in half the time of a usually NaNoWriMo run. Wish me luck!

 Please also consider entering my NaNoWriMo contest. I could use some more people on my leaderboard.  You can update your word count by either leaving a comment on one of my posts or by posting on my Facebook author page at You can find the widget to offical enter the contest by clicking on any of my NaNoWriMo posts.

1. Writer Mike 47,368 (as of November 15th)
2. Robin: 25,022 (as of November 12th)
3. Misha: 3,398 (as of November 2nd)

Word Count:

47368 / 50000

Writing Tip of the Day:
Don't procrastinate your writing projects you've always wanted to do. Life will not be less hectic later, and you certainly aren't getting any more time. I find that one of the hardest parts about writing is just getting started. There is nothing more exciting and terrifying at the same time as a blank screen.  Get something on that screen today, even if it is only the first sentence or paragraph, because even starting at square two is easier than starting at square one.

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